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It's been a journey.  Below lists every event I've produced and/or participated in since the birth of TSGO in 2011.  The Show Goes On started with theatrical productions, expanded to theatrical concerts, evolved into educational events, and has included personal speaking engagements along the way.  There has always been a theme of promoting indie voices and emerging artists.  I've achieved this by giving a platform to creative expression, whether that's manifested onstage, virtually, or through the support of education.  None of my work happens in a vacuum - I am deeply grateful for all the people who have shared their time, passion, art, and support along the way.  It truly takes a village to build ANOTHER WAY!

Workshops & Panels
Abstract Water

Workshops & Panels

June    30th,  2022  

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 8.59.58 PM.png

 Panel on the future of the creative sector: VR,   NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, and more! 
Hosted By Mathew Heggem of


SMB Think Tank Networking Club

Ask 'Em Anything

Creative Ecologies 3.0

June  7th,  2022  

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 1.16.50 AM.png

Identity 3.0: Actualizing the Creative Within

w/Emileena Pedigo
Culture is a rapidly evolving machine. It takes focus to keep up with changing technologies, economics, and communication tools.  What if we dedicated equal attention to our creative processes? What you give your attention to, grows.
IMG_3854 2.jpg

January 4th,  2022  

September 11th,  2021   


Mystical Playground
A Spiritual Potpourri

August 17th,  2021   

Emileena Pedigo Banner 817.png

July 19th,  2021   

Emileena Pedigo banner.png

March 28th,  2021   


An Intro to the Dao

It's easy to get lost in the uncertainty, scarcity, and stress of everyday life post-pandemic. But there is Another Way! Dao practitioner and artist development coach Emileena Pedigo has cultivated an innovative technique to navigating all this "lack." She believes that championing balance in every moment is a shortcut to finding the Dao. 🙏🏽

The Dao, "way" or "path," is a zone of unlimited possibility, holding space for all thoughts, feelings, and experiences.


Art & Politics | Activating Social Change
Through Creative Expression

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 7.08.12 PM.png

Jinah Parker

Ellen Pober Rittberg

With Special

Be part of the collective awakening in this discussion on the role of the artist in a transforming culture, the dynamic between art and politics, and practices for activating social change.


November 12th,  2020   


You've found your Vision, now what? Well, it's time to tell your story! This Meetup will explore how to authentically package an artist's Vision to generate opportunities that will bring it to life.

An artist's Vision for their career is closely related to their purpose as a human. How much time have you spent figuring out what that is?  That's what we're exploring at the Meetup.

A customized strategy can address all #artistproblems. It's the secret sauce to a sustainable career in the Arts - no matter what stage of development your career is at. This Meetup will explore how to incorporate strategy into the day-to-day practices of an artist, across all disciplines.

July 23rd,  2020   

August 20th,  2020   

September 17th,  2020   

October 15th,  2020   

Vision has informed what you want to create in the world. Branding has packaged your story to make that world a reality. Now it's time to start the journey to that world! This Meetup will explore how to build a road map to a sustainable career in the Arts

Awakening Another Way
E-Velopment Program

May 21st,  2020   


Money makes artists uncomfortable. But right now there's an opportunity to change the dialogue for a collective awakening where #ArtsMeetsBiz.

Mathew Heggem gives a presentation on 

Awakening Another Way: The Money Talk. 
Click for replay.

   November 23rd,  2019   


Producing isn't just for producers anymore. Artists can learn to take their careers into their own hands at this full-day Bootcamp.

   April 25th,  2019   

Annual Technical Clinic

Bringing together legal, accounting, and business experts to discuss the challenges artists and Arts businesses face in their development.  After a panel discussion we open the room so our experts can answer your questions because no one knows the artists' plight quite like the artists themselves!


   Topics include: legal loopholes for artists & entity formation (LLC, S-corp, 501c3, or Sole proprietorship?!?)




Emileena Pedigo



  Tiffany Donaldson              Bruce Balsam                JR Gurrieri                       Julio Valdez 

    Attorney at Law             Accountant & CPA       Financial Advisor           Working Visual Artist

    & Life Planner

   March    21st,  2019   

Bio Photo.jpg

Stress is a part of the daily life of an artist, whether you're feeling stuck in the artistic process or struggling to meet your business goals and deadlines.  It seems we are constantly promoting, selling, and strategizing.  This cycle can block the creative flow and in fact stagnate business.  Alison Kate teaches a highly effective set of quick and easy-to-learn tools for behavior change and emotional regulation that participants can practice on their own.  Participants experience noticeable shifts immediately, better able to navigate life's fluctuations.

Town Hall.jpeg

Sponsored by: 


  Jan 2nd,  2019   


It's a new year and time for reconciliation. Amidst the general ethos of hate penetrating our country, we're choosing #AnotherWay. The Town Hall forum asks the community to speak up in an effort to build a better tomorrow for each of its participants. We're creating a sustainable future for the Arts and collectively creating a paradigm shift around the Arts as an industry. 


Mathew Patrick Heggem  (Dance)​

Cooper Jordan


Simone Maurice





Jackie Goodrich



Emileena Pedigo


Abstract Water



February 9th,  2020   


 December 17th,  2019   

Backtrack Vocals takes a musical journey, transforming your favorite holiday tunes using only their voices and beatbox abilities!

Positively 8th Street Festival
Positively 8th Street Festival

  July   14th,  2018   


Centre for Social Innovation

From Artist to Entrepreneur: Pitch Night

6 Arts Businesses | 6 Pitches | 6 Minutes


As the final step in their incubation process, the first ARTSLAB cohort gave professional pitches to a small audience in a business setting. Each pitch was judged by a panel of experts awarding three prizes: Best Pitch, Most Innovative Solution, and Audience Favorite.

  June   28th,  2017   


  October  10th,  2016  

Cornelia Street Cafe

Cornelia Street Cafe

Another unique ‘arts meets business’ event as part of #VillageArtsAlive, hosted by artists & business leaders Robin Hirsch & Mathew Heggem in partnership with Sum Innovation and the Chelsea Greenwich Village Chamber of Commerce.  Showcase performances included Jed Distler, and TSGO artists 

Jackie Paladino and David Pollack.


The Green Catalyst

July 20th, 2016

American Beauty Bar 


Lucas Elliot

David Pollack and Daniel Crespo


Alfonso King


The Hybrid
The HYBRID Club's weekly showcase 
Saturday nights May 23 - Sept. 19, 2015
669 8th Ave, inside the TIMES SCARE Kill Bar


Lucas Elliot

Ben Clark & friends

Spencer Corona

REW Starr

Michael Jayson 


Sammy Bravo

Jackie Paladino

Ray Galindo

Jon Geffner

FXG Entertainment Presents:

INDENT, Mr. Musix,

Next Door Neighbor,

& Goldie


TSGO's Rock Musical Reading Series
TSGO's New Artist Showcase @ Choga
New Artist Showcases @ Choga


February 27th, 2015

Osyris Antham, Peter Ro, Doctor Breakfast, Mister Musix, Next Door Neighbor, & Goldilocks

Co-produced by Fuck-a-Genre Ent.


January 23rd, 2015

Osyris Antham & CW Blues Project

Rock Musical Reading Series
Introducing non-traditional pop-musicals to industry.  

October 25 - October 26th, 2013, TBG Theatre

Give Me a Break 

November 29 - December 8th, 2011, The Mint Theatre

How to Marry a Divorced Man

Save the Robots

1812, the Musical (A tribute to Ira Shapiro)

Apathy, the Gen X Musical

"I kept finding myself singing that song days later - I couldn't get it out of my head!"   -Alyssa Renzi, an invited guest to APATHY, the Gen X Musical 
Abstract Water



Eddie & the Palaceades

The June Havoc Theatre

July 15 - August 3rd, 2014


The rock musical played six performances in 

the NYC summer festival season, receiving rave reviews and bringing sold-out houses to their feet. Audiences beep-bopped along to the show's hit single BANGARANG!  The show received 9 award nominations and won for Outstanding Director of a Musical. 


"Eddie and The Palaceades hits the right notes when it comes to its heartfelt expression of love, friendship and the things worth fighting for..."

-Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway        


"This show was unquestionably two hours of pure enjoyment!"

-Mary Ann Randazzo, Outerstage      



To Carry On...the Music and Life of Laura Nyro

The TBG Theatre

October 18th - October 27th, 2013


Playing two weeks in midtown, the show is a moving tribute to the late, great legend, Laura Nyro.  Mimi Cohen continues to perform her critically acclaimed portrayal of Ms. Nyro in NYC and in schools across the country.


"Cohen affects Nyro’s look, voice, and vibe to a tee as she presents Nyro as both artist and feminist role model."         -The Examiner

Mimi Cohen is Laura Nyro



The Mint Theatre

November 29th - December 9th, 2011

TSGO's inagural season was a smashing

success! We "occupyed" the Mint Theater for two months for the world premiere of Robert L. Hecker's epic political drama. 

Ghost Dancer "allows itself to speak for everyone who rise up against persecution and iniquity..."   -Karen Tortora-Lee, the Happiest Medium         

Ghost Dancer logo


Abstract Water

Talks & Interviews



Join Noah, Zhi, and Nick as they discuss artists and creativity with guest Emileena Pedigo. After working years in show business and burning out, she went to an Ayahuasca retreat that completely changed her life and approach to the Arts industries.



Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 11.21.10 PM.png


Rebecca Hayden & Emileena discuss the importance of creativity in our lives, in our society, and even helps us to use more of our brain. We discuss the significance of creativity in plant medicine experiences and the role it plays in personal development.

TSGO founder Emileena Pedigo is interviewed by Local Theatre NY at Theatre Resources Unlimited's bootcamp for producing Showcases in NYC.
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