The Vision

We’re building a world where everyone feels free to express themselves artistically without the threat of exploitation.


It doesn't matter how, why, when, or who - there is always #AnotherWay. 


Everything IS. 


It's a world where creative expression is considered just as important as technology, holds as much value as government, and carries as much weight as our financial institutions. 


Freedom of expression is sustainable.



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What We Do


At TSGO Productions...

We build supportive environments to develop, incubate, showcase, and launch creative expression #AnotherWay.

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We support a dialog between the Arts and business - #ArtsMeetsBiz - engage in scientific and spiritual cosmologies, and promote innovative transformation. 


Because #DevelopmentNeverEnds, we build brand strategies that support the artist within by activating the Sustainability Cycle.

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Guiding Values

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The creative mind needs freedom, space, and time to develop.  ​

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Art is found on the walls of the soul, accessible to everyone - there are no universal rules or definitions.  When it's honest and pure, art is everywhere.  Inclusion reminds us to be open to all opportunities and possibilities just as we ask those experiencing our art to be open to us.


To be sustainable, artists must learn to adapt to their environment, evolving their art without compromising the artist within.  This can only happen with a compassionate, conscious, and honest understanding of the authentic self in relationship to one's art. 

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Your guide

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Emileena Pedigo 


Emileena entered the NYC Arts scene producing an international theater festival, working with artists from around the world hungry to get their work into the theatre capital of the world.  For seven years she developed a structure for the annual festival that grew to over 60 shows in seven venues.  Emileena also general-managed for various nonprofits, assisted on Broadway, worked various film and music festivals, and managed several

singer/songwriters.  She toured theaters, music arenas, and schools across the country, working with artists from all artistic disciplines. 

Emileena assisted 5-time Tony Award-winning producer Stewart F. Lane on 4 Broadway productions, including the Off-Broadway transfer of The 39 Steps. In addition to managing 8 rehearsal studios and 2 small theaters for 4 years, Emileena assisted in operations for the Palace Theatre on Broadway for 2 years. 

After launching TSGO, her work began to focus on emerging trends in entertainment.  There she found herself stuck inside a self-perpetuating system of exploitation, witnessing many artists losing the fight. She would have been lost too if not for an excursion to an ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian mountains. Upon her return, she found a solution she feels belongs to the world: a paradigm shift that starts one artist at a time. She calls it The Sustainability Cycle (Exploration, Inclusion, Evolution). This is her art.


Emileena's current work focuses on building sustainable careers #AnotherWay, using entrepreneurial strategies and prioritizing the artist over the art.  She co-founded ARTSLAB, an incubator program that cultivates #ArtsMeetsBiz, and served on the board of Conscious Capitalism NYC.  Her work has helped build Arts programming within the Chelsea Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce.  She is a graduate of the Commercial Theatre Institute, SUNY/Kaufmann's Fasttrac program for entrepreneurs, and a Purdue University alum.

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The Journey to Now


"I love working with talent.  When talent is in abundance, the world is a playground of inspiration for all those who choose to open themselves up to it." ~ Emilenna Pedigo


After twenty years of working with creative minds, Emileena Pedigo has become the artist whisperer, empowering instead of taming. As a dao practitioner and artist development expert, she's been on the search to end the exploitative cycles that block creativity. She's created an innovative approach to navigating the doubt, self-sabotage, and disillusionment that plagues the artist's mentality.

It's called the Sustainability Cycle.

Whether you are ready to discover or formalize your own artistic expression, Emileena can guide you to where #ArtsMeetsBiz, using the tools of the Sustainability Cycle, the magic of the Dao, and pure awareness.

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Fellow Travelers


Artist Testimonials

“Emileena is a fantastic coach/mentor and was really good at drawing out our experiences for discussion.”

~ Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe, Website Designer

“Thank you for the awesome opportunity to talk about aspects of business in the Arts, it was informative and fun.” 

~ Kate Spencer, Fine Artist

Emileena found me and almost instantly I could tell her passion was as great as mine...which inspired me to do better."

-Lucas Elliot, Singer/Songwriter

We received the "tools and resources of the business mindset but also clarified our artistic vision." 

-The Lovelies, Dance Troupe

"I was presented with concepts that weren't new, but putting them together...

I had to push myself.  It was life-changing."  

-Cate Cammarata, Theatrical Dramaturg, Director, and Producer

"Emileena gave me a lot of short-term accountability that set up my career for long-term sustainability."

-Eddy Marshall, Singer/Songwriter

The work "fulfilled a need to be out of my comfort zone and feel safe to explore, to grow, and to achieve my goals." 

-Simone Maurice, Multi-Media Artist