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Evolve while you Develop 


The E-velopment program serves the artistically inclined individual
who finds themselves at a crossroads in life.
After twenty years of working with creative minds, Coach Emileena Pedigo has become the artist whisperer, empowering instead of taming. As a dao practitioner and artist development expert, she's been on the search to end the exploitative cycles that block creativity. She's developed an innovative approach to navigating the doubt, self-sabotage, and disillusionment that plagues the artist's mentality.
It's called the Sustainability Cycle.
Whether you are ready to discover or formalize your own artic expression, Emileena can guide you to where #ArtsMeetsBiz.  With the tools of the Sustainability Cycle, the magic of the Dao, and pure awareness,
the E-velop program covers:
  • Discovery of your authentic voice & removal of doubt.
  • Exploring and defining your work & ending self-sabotage.
  • Developing a Vision & Brand & erasing imposter syndrome.
  • Introduction to innovative & entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Creating a career path & building a road map.
  • Strategic mapping of business growth.
  • Cultivating sustainability & owning one's self-worth
  • Developing a "selfie pitch."
This work is not just for artists! Any creative-minded individual
can benefit from defining their artistic process.
Contact Us today for individualized coaching packages tailored to your unique position on the journey of making your work into a sustainable business.

"Together we curated an image that totally captured my energy and brought my songs out of the living room."

-Lucas Elliot



Artist Testimonials


"Emileena found me and almost instantly I could tell her passion was as great as mine...which inspired me to do better."

-Lucas Elliot

"Emileena gave me a lot of short-term accountibility that set up my career for long-term sustainability."

-Eddy Marshall

We received the "tools and resources of the business mindset but also clarified our artistic vision." 

-The Lovelies



"I was presented with concepts that weren't new, but putting them together...

I had to push myself.  It was life-changing."  -Cate Cammarata

The work "fulfilled a need to be out of my comfort zone and feel safe to explore, to grow, and to achieve my goals." 

-Simone Maurice


The creative mind needs freedom, space, and time to develop.  ​


Art is found on the walls of the soul, accessible to everyone - there are no universal rules or definitions.  When it's honest and pure, art is everywhere.  Inclusion reminds us to be open to all opportunities and possibilities just as we ask those experiencing our art to be open to us.


To be sustainable, artists must learn to adapt to their environment, evolving their art without compromising the artist within.  This can only happen with a gentle, conscious, and honest understanding of the self in relationship to one's art.  

Rates are based on needs.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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