Artist Development​

Coaching / Integration Work / Production

Serving the artistically inclined individual who finds themselves at a crossroads.

All services include:


  • Discovery of your authentic voice & removal of doubt.

  • Exploring and defining your creativity & ending self-sabotage.

  • Developing a Vision & erasing imposter syndrome.

  • Introduction to innovative & entrepreneurial thinking.

  • Creating a career path & building a road map.

  • Strategic mapping of sustainable business growth.

  • Psychedelic and spiritual integration work.

  • Developing a "selfie pitch."


This work is not just for the self-identified artist! Anyone can benefit from defining their creative process.


Contact Us for individualized coaching packages tailored to your unique journey of sustaining creativity.

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The artist's journey, especially when pursuing a career ​in the Arts,
is one of finding balance and clarity. 1:1 sessions with Emileena include:

  • Vision development & Branding strategy

  • Ego work

  • Integration between 5-D & 3-D realities

  • Questions, observations, and/or concerns that arise while navigating creativity.

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Transform your creative expression from frenzied to inspiring in 2 months.

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The ArtsMeetsBiz group is about finding the Dao in development, where creatively inclined individuals are discovering and defining their own artist within.  We’re sustaining the balance between artistic expression and the business mindset one artist at a time.

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Artist Management

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