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Artist Development​

Coaching / Integration Work / Production

Serving the artistically inclined individual who finds themselves at a crossroads.

All services include:


  • Discovery of your authentic voice & removal of doubt.

  • Exploring and defining your creativity & ending self-sabotage.

  • Developing a Vision & erasing imposter syndrome.

  • Introduction to innovative & entrepreneurial thinking.

  • Creating a career path & building a road map.

  • Strategic mapping of sustainable business growth.

  • Psychedelic and spiritual integration.

  • Ego work & developing a "selfie pitch."


This work is not just for the self-identified artist!

Anyone can benefit from learning how to sustain their creativity.


Contact Us for individualized coaching packages tailored to your unique journey.

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The artist's journey, especially when pursuing a career ​in the Arts,
is one of finding balance and clarity. 1:1 sessions with Emileena include:

  • Vision development & Branding strategy

  • Ego work

  • Integration between 5-D & 3-D realities

  • Questions, observations, and/or concerns that arise while navigating creativity.

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Coaching | Services
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Transform your creative expression from frenzied to inspiring in 2 months.

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Effecting change industry-wide starts #OneArtistataTime. 
Join the community on your preferred platform or all platforms!

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Artist Management

Emileena offers a series of workshops that can be tailored to your arts-based, wellness-centered, and/or business-oriented organization. Audiences span artists, solopreneurs, and small business owners.

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