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The Show Goes On Productions Presents

A Rock Musical Reading Series

Tues., Nov. 29 - Thurs. Dec. 8th, 2011

The Mint Space, Theatre Three

311 West 43rd Street, 3rd Floor

Tues., Nov. 29th @ 4:30pm

Wed., Nov. 30th @ 8pm

Wed., Dec. 7th @ 8pm

Thurs., Dec. 8th @ 4:00pm

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How to Marry a Divorced Man

​By Bryan D. Leys and Clare Cooper
based on How To Marry A Divorced Man by Leslie Fram
Tues., Nov. 29 @ 4:30pm 


Featuring: Richard Binder, Paul Bourgeois, Laura Daniel, Christine Marie Heath, Michael Kirk Lane, Babs Winn
He's broke, has a crazy ex-wife, two bratty kids, and he's the only game in town. How To Marry A Divorced Man is one woman's zany ride on the road to matrimony.  Layla Diamond, a rock and roll reporter in her late 30's, follows the advice of her daffy mother and seeks out a divorced man. She sets her sights on Bo, a charming sports agent with a needy ex and two obnoxious children. Trying to fit into his life, Layla makes one madcap mistake after another, adopting false identities, causing multiple mix-ups, and turning her marital quest into a complicated farce. How to Marry... features a lively score blending rock, pop, country and R&B tunes.


Runtime: 1:45 with one intermission.
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