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Monday, 2/18 at 7pm, (6:30 doors)

at The Cutting Room

The line-up for the Feb. 18th launch will be headlined by ASTRO CLUB BLONDE. Opening acts will be rock musician STEVE SCHLATMANN and the theatrical rockband THE ICKY HOUSE CLUB.

​Musician STEVE SCHLATMANN is a guitarist, drummer, pianist, composer, and producer, having played and toured with SNEAK ATTACK ORCHESTRA, TRUE VENGEANCES with legendary drummer Dino Castano, and MY BLACK HALO with bassist Basil Morales.  Joining Steve will be guitarist Joe Boutilette.
The ICKY HOUSE CLUB began as an acoustic trio consisting of two singer/actors, PAULA GALLOWAY and CARLOS RAFAEL FERNANDEZ, and award-winning singer/songwriter/playwright, MICKEY ZETTS. With the additions of bass and drums, however, the IHC has developed into a full on theatrical rock band who tell their stories with songs full of whip smart humor and beautiful tri-part harmony vocals. The IHC are an eclectic blend of rock and show.
ASTRO CLUB BLONDE, an Electro Pop group coined as the “The Militants of Pop,” brings the lush soundscapes and pop intensity of the major label to DIY.  Stinging synths, hypnotic beats and infectious melodic hooks tell the story of youth: rebellious, idealistic, and in love. A futuristic satire of the commercial artist, Astro Club Blonde demands you, unilaterally, to have fun and dance! They don’t take no for an answer.
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