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Ego Part II: Ten Tools for Managing Ego

Updated: May 30

“And life is too short to be staying inside

But I didn't realize I ran from the light”*

In my last blog, I identified ego as the voice in your head that sources all things exaggerated. The ego has also mastered sustainability, so while we may achieve ego death in any given moment, there will always be a return until we are able to live each moment in true presence. Development Never Ends. If you are creative-minded, you tend to experience the extremes of both sides, which makes it easier to find the middle road (a.k.a. balance).

It helps to remember that if you are experiencing discomfort of any kind, it is only your ego assigning judgement. Examples from my work with artists include:

  • “This work is below me” or “I worked too long/hard to be here.”

  • “People don’t understand, fund, or appreciate my work/art.”

  • “There are too many artists and not enough work.”

  • “I’m not getting paid enough.”

  • “I don’t have enough money for development.”

Below are 10 tools to consider when struggling with ego-driven thoughts. They may not seem like problem-solving solutions, but when practiced with discipline, they will cultivate a mindset to help you navigate discomfort and uncertainty, a.k.a. a career in the Arts. #ArtsMeetsBiz

Each one has played its part in helping me find sustainability, but I call upon different tools at different times. So although they are numbered, there is no order. Experiment with what works for you and call upon them as needed. #DevelopmentNeverEnds

Tool 1: Zoom into the Moment

Stop dead in your tracks when discomfort arises (you can do this anywhere). Set an alarm for 5 minutes - this is YOU time. Release all external circumstances and shift your focus inward. Scroll through each of your senses:

  1. Sight: What are you looking at? If it’s distracting close your eyes and focus on the blank canvas behind your eyes.

  2. Touch: What does your clothes feel like against your skin - what sensations do you feel? Cold/hot/wind, etc.

  3. Smell: What do you smell?

  4. Taste: What taste do you have in your mouth? Even if it’s nothing, stop and recognize it; feel it.

  5. Hearing: What do you hear? Start in the room, then expand outside, into the trees, traffic, and continue outward. Can you hear the sun’s rays? The moonlight?

For those five minutes, you are Living in the Moment where Time is Relative. Follow those links to blogs I’ve written around the topic of finding freedom in the moment. It’s a lovely respite from ego.

Tool 2: The Mirror Effect

Surround yourself by healthy people who can act as mirrors - they will reflect your ego...making it easier to recognize and redirect. If you experience annoyance, impatience, judgement, etc., it is likely your ego getting in the way of an authentic reflection.

The Mirror Effect is the return trip of a projection cast by you. The hardest thing to do sometimes is to take an honest look at your reflection. In Halsey’s Control, she sings “I couldn’t stand the person inside me / I turned all the mirrors around.” When people are suffering, we tend to isolate, which gives ego free reign to dominate your thinking.

But love begets love. So in effect, you can start to cast your life by engaging the Mirror Effect with everyone you encounter, equally. Read The Mirror Effect for more.

Tool 3: Gratitude

Gratitude lists really work. If you find yourself fighting ego, take a moment to mentally list off everything you are grateful for. Stellar lunch? Cool socks? Health? Family? Do you have a roof over your head and food on your table?

Sometimes these lists can be really difficult to get out, but don’t stop until ego backs off. Start the list now so you can refer to it in times of trouble. It really does reset the connections in your brain and will subconsciously change your mood. Try it!

Tool 4: Love and Compassion

Love is the answer to everything. Everything. Think of the biggest roadblock in your life. Is there a person pissing you off? A missed opportunity or inconsistency? That’s only ego assigning a negative judgement.

What would happen if you funneled love towards those areas in your life instead of anger? Even if you can’t offer love in real life, send love mentally. The effect to your brain chemistry is similar to making a gratitude list. Love begets love.

Tool 5: Nature/Daoism

Nature gives you perspective. A friend said to me that when she gets overwhelmed she likes to look upon a vast landscape of nature, whether it be a field, mountain, or even the sky. It reminds her how small we are in the grand scheme of things.

So is everything ego tells us is “Amazing!” or “Terrible!” (I imagine the donkey from Shrek here...not unlike ego’s nagging voice in your head!) Lao Tzu says “Nature does not hurry, and yet it’s always on time.”

As I explained in my Daoism blog, “I believe there is a metaphor for every life lesson, represented somehow in the natural world.” If you find yourself asking philosophical questions, look to nature for answers.

Tool 6: Science

When people believed the Earth was flat, we got a limited experience of the world. Now that we are familiar with our planet, scientific attention has shifted to the cosmos. And so the great astrologists of today ask: “Is the universe flat, or is it a finite circle like the Earth?” It turns out, there is always more to explore, discover, identify, and theorize. Just look at all the excitement around the recent images of a black hole!

Let that be a metaphor for life. Our understanding will forever evolve. So how can you ever know the outcomes of any predicament? We can’t! The future is unknowable. Your ego is trying to convince you to assign judgement because a judgement call immediately places limitation. Limiting our understanding takes away the possibility for #AnotherWay.

Tool 7: Simulation Theory

Inspired by the Double Slit experiment in 1801, Quantum Physics has slowly set out to dissect the idea that reality does not exist until we experience it. Simply put, this is the theory we live in a matrix. Or that our world only populates when we walk into it, just like a computer game is programmed to respond to the player’s chosen direction (e.g. Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, etc.). Even Elon Musk has acknowledged this theory is more likely than not the explanation for our existence.

The value of this concept takes away all negative judgements around your circumstances ...because it’s all for you! Instead of spending energy with negative interpretation, consider what value it provides. Flip the script and enjoy the world as it is being sculpted for you: the trees/the birds, friends/strangers, art, coincidences or circumstances accompanied by opportunity… This sounds like a gratitude list!

Inside a simulated reality, everything is for YOU! But all things must be in balance. Love begets love.

Tool 8: Surrender Control

Despite all the misguided proclamations around the Law of Attraction, your life does not unfold at your whim. (See my Word of the Day: Attraction) To borrow from OutKast’s Ms. Jackson: “You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.”

Unless you are living in a vacuum inside a black hole somewhere (in which case, try getting out some!!), you need to interact with others in situations that are not always ideal for the picnic you planned for your life. You can’t control other people. You can’t always control the circumstances you find yourself in (i.e. exploitation). It’s a dog-eat-dog world and sometimes you’ve got to swim with the sharks.