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Aligning with the Flow of Truth

Ever since completing my epic two-part blog on ego, I’ve found writing surprisingly difficult. My ego is still retaliating against me. And in all fairness, ego really is such a beautiful story-teller, far superior to me. I enjoy the stories. More so, however, when I recognize them as such.

But with the state of the world thrust into disruption, it seems fitting to explore some deeper truths that have been bubbling to the surface of late. To get there requires stripping away even more layers of ego. Thankfully, if not ironically, the pandemic has afforded us time to examine and question the narratives we’ve fallen in love with.

The stories about the people, circumstances, and environments we face in our lives are all written by ego. They are not an expression of the true, aligned you. Consider the last assumption you made about a person, place, or thing that turned out to be wrong. Maybe it was a simple misunderstanding. That was your ego at work.

One way to start recognizing ego is by tuning into such memories; feeling the emotional landscape of the narrative and then detaching from it. Become aware of your awareness. Allow a space between processing what is difficult to process