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2020: Flaws in the Hero's Journey

2020 was indeed the year of clarity. It may not have been the clarity we wanted, but it kept coming, over and over again. It felt to me like an earthquake inside our collective consciousness. There was no formal warning, many people were less prepared than they realized, and the damage is still being measured. In fact, the aftershocks just keep coming…

The COVID virus was only the incendiary. I found the response, or lack thereof, to the pandemic most troubling. As the cracks in our institutions were exposed, it revealed just how broken those systems really are. And it has left us splintered.

It’s a fitting time for The Mandalorian to bring the Star Wars themes of good versus evil back into popular culture. The show is a technological achievement beyond what we’ve seen before, marrying man and machine in a whole new way and bringing with it an epic battle for what’s right and what’s just. It was exactly this duality of light and dark forces, man versus machine, that made change so difficult to accept this year.

Human nature’s desire to innovate comfort has proven counterproductive to evolution. The more comfortable we are, the more complacent, blind, and ignorant we become. Why is it so hard to accept that we cannot relax into comfort at the expense of other human beings? Even our precious technology can’t rescue the masses