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#AnotherWay is Here Now.
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Paradigm Shift

The world is experiencing a collective awakening right now.  For people of color it's painfully overdue. 

With great upheaval comes great change - it is up to humanity to direct how that manifests. 

We #StandTogether for #BlackLivesMatter.

The entertainment industry is evolving at unprecedented rates as the illusion of what we thought was vital and necessary

has been shattered.  Tune into the Another Way Podcast channel for interviews with artists of color discussing BLM.

TSGO announces another Rock Musical Reading Series!
We're looking for submissions that are ready for an invited audience, preferably with a full band. All reading will take place in a concert-friendly environment, possibly a bar or club. Please submit script, demo, and cover letter to our offices.
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Don't let money hold you back.

11/30/11 The Show Goes On announces its Talk-Back Series on BroadwayWorld!

Ask about special financial arrangements for artists on a budget.

10/19/11 Casting announced for GHOST DANCER on TheatreMania.

3/10/2012 TSGO launches a fundraiser on Rockethub to raise money

for a music video to introduce APATHY, the Gen X Musical.

10/19/11 GHOST DANCER is announced on

10/5/2011 TSGO announces it's launch on BroadwayWorld.

TSGO is developing the Rock N Roll Theater Complex: the first multi-use theater complex in Manhattan to embrace pop & rock music and a new model for theatrical concerts and immersive theatre under one roof.
Meta Fiziks:
It is free to submit!  Chosen artists will be expected to pay a participation fee before the event to cover event costs.  The fee will be on a sliding scale based on the art piece's performance requirements.  Fees vary across artistic disciplines, but range between $50 - $250.  Do not let the fee stop you from submitting - we want to work with you to get your voice heard!  As such, there is space on the application to explain any financial concerns and we will evaluate your situation with a kind heart.  Emphasis is given to your Art and not your wallet.

Building a Community of Sustainable Artists

Imagine a brighter future for the Arts: one where art is not only supported, but celebrated.  

Artists make a living from their creative work. 

To that end, we are developing a venue dedicated to alternative commercial performance with a co-working space and shared resources for artists and creative businesses alike.  It's a community where loving intentions flourish.


Imagine this safe space for developing, incubating, showcasing, and launching artistic ideas.  In this festival-type eco-system we can consistently challenge the status quo.  By cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit through development programs, we'll together create sustainability for the Arts.

But how do we disrupt the current de-evolution of the Arts?

Meta Fiziks

Music as an art is one of the purest and universal expressions of emotion.  Along with that comes a lot of dangerous, uncharted territory.  Forget all your heroes: the success stories like Lady Gaga, the unlikely discoveries like Justin Beiber, and the tragic failures like Kurt Cobain.

The only way Art works is if you make your own story. 

Exploitation.  Corporate Greed.  Corruption.  

Artists have a lot of bullshit to weed through while trying to build a career based on passion.  Not to mention trying to create and develop your talent while the vultures are hovering...  And yet, the secret to sustainability is remaining true to yourself and your art; authenticity.

Passion is only Sustainable with Evolution.

At TSGO we work with artists to build a safe space where personal creation and development is priority.  Relationships are built on trust, security, and safety.  Artists receive professional coaching on how to make their passion into a sustainable career but are free to evolve at their own pace.

Is Music Your Life?

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