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Finding Balance Past Topics

July 17th: Disillusionment: Dig Deeper or Dig Out

July 10th: The Nature of Creativity: Subjective Imagination or Objective Reality

June 30th: Web 3.0 Jump Ahead or Hold Back

June 26th: Google's Sentient AI: To whistleblow or suffer the consequences?

June 19th: Father's Day 2022: Fathers and Mothers

June 5th: Art vs Algorithm

May 29th: Amendment vs. Permanence

May 22nd: Creativity in Liminal Times: Routine vs. Liminality

May 15th: Inflation & the New Economics: Conversation vs. Confrontation

May 8th: Processing Wetiko The Dream State vs Consciousness

May 1st: Twitter & Social media: Public vs. Private Spaces

April 24th: Time Management Giving vs Collecting

April 17th: The Culture Wars Agitation vs. Discipline

April 3rd: Will Smith Thinking Ahead vs. Damage Control

March 27: Human Sustainability vs Earth's Sustainability

March 20th: In-person vs virtually connected

March 13th: Underwater vs. Land-dwelling

March 6th: Nature vs. Nurture

Feb. 27th: "I Don't Know": Useful Distractions vs. Ego's Distractions

Feb. 20th: Angry Power vs. Empowered Anger

Feb. 13th: Acknowledging Sacred Land w/guest co-host Kate Spencer

Feb. 6th: Year of the Tiger

Jan. 30th: Emotional Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

Jan. 23rd: Development vs Stagnation

Jan. 16th: Numbers vs. Letters

Jan. 9th: Revivals vs. Originals

Jan. 2nd, 2022: Authenticity vs. Broken Systems


Dec. 19th: Wildcard Night

Dec. 12th: Water: chemical or esoteric?

Dec. 5th: The Media: Arbiters of Justice or Injustice?

Nov. 14th Artists vs. Management: Astroworld Music Festival tragedy

Nov. 7th: Time vs. Money: Shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin's 'Rust'

Oct. 24th: The Great Resignation: Work for Money or Work for Purpose?

Oct. 17th: Music, Time vs. Memory: Tony Bennett Performs w/ Alzheimer's

Oct. 10th: Social Media: Connecting or Isolating?

Oct. 3rd: The Legacy of History, Fact or Fiction?

Sept. 26th: The future of entertainment

Sept.19th: Gathering vs. Avoidance

Sept. 12th: K-pop vs. America

Sept. 5th: Wildcard Night

Aug. 22nd: Aging: Dying or Living?

Aug. 15th: Simone BilesMental Illness or the Road Less Traveled?

Aug. 8th: Nuclear Waste: Disposal or Termination?

Aug. 1st: Is Street Art for Art or Advertising?

July 25th: Climate Change: Doomed to Destroy or Poised for Evolution?

July 18th: Space Travel: Freedom vs. Disillusionment

July 11th: Wildcard Night

June 27th: The Cheetos Guy, Authenticity vs. Artistic License

June 13th: Psychedelics, for Recreation or Therapy?

June 6th: Britney Spears' Conservator, Family vs. Work

May 23rd: Man vs. Machine

May 16th: Deepfakesfor Entertainment or Deception?

May 9th: Natural power vs. Man-made

May 2nd: Elon Musk's SpaceX vs. Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin

April 25th: Religion vs Spirituality

April 18th: Netflix's first movie franchise, Streaming vs. Theaters

April 11th, 2021: NFTsfor Artists or Crypto Traders?

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