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Cultivating the meta and making it physical...

through Evolution, Inclusion, Exploration. 






We are searching the country for Arts entrepreneurs and artists who have the talent to BE the example; to remind the country why the "creative win" in business means nothing without an artistically expressive component. 

The Internet enabled a whole generation of businesses making fast money.  We’ve forgotten the lessons learned by our predecessors: the value of markets growing, failing, and re-building, and the opportunity that arises from it.  Honest innovation comes from the hunger and drive of entrepreneurs, outside of existing systems.

Since the dot-com boom in the ‘90s, corporate entities (like the banking system) and/or economic bubble are no longer allowed to explode.  Instead, the system gets manipulated and bastardized to only support growth – this is big business! 

It means the people already in power creatively twist laws, bend rules, and embrace exploitation.  This "creative" pursuit promotes financial mobility over Art.  It is increasingly crushing big ideas and teaching a new generation to value the dollar and the creative ‘win’ over the process of artistic expression. 

Innovation has become the business of pushing evolution onto the consumer instead of letting society incubate and speak for itself.  Corporate America is speaking for us now. 

And we get a society where the Arts are under-appreciated due to lack of exposure.  When funding deteriorates marketing suffers and programming disappears.  Kids are growing up without Arts education so they don't know how to support them or pursue artistic careers practically (i.e. in a way that is financially sustainable).  This is exasperated by Big Business’ view of the Arts as financially unstable.  When we don't see or understand something, it's hard to remember the value in it.  If a tree falls...  

Arts are NOT fast money.  Artistic endeavors by nature take time to develop.  They need that incubation time to become anything of value.  Outside of struggling non-profits, fighting for diminishing grants and dependent on financially squeezed consumer donations, there are no commercials centers for Arts businesses and individual artists to develop their craft. 

The Problem

Cultivate the meta and make it physical.

The vision:  A sustainable safe space to develop, incubate, showcase, and launch artistic ideas that are out-of-the-box in a non-traditional manner; where loving intentions flourish. 

The mission: To host live events in a festival-type eco-system across artistic disciplines embracing alternative ideas.  We also cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit with development programs and resources.

Let us together disrupt the current de-evolution of the Arts through Exploration, Inclusion, and Evolution. 


Meta Fiziks means freedom, space, and time to develop within financially savvy models that will allow artists to make money alongside, and often in partnership with, the creative businesses making waves under the same roof. 


Art does not discriminate - it does not belong to an exclusive elite.  Art can be found in the hearts of the beaten and downtrodden, in the minds of the lonely cool kids, and most importantly on the walls of the soul; Inside the wealthy businessman and the poor high schooler alike.  If it's honest and pure, Art is everywhere.  Meta Fiziks is a non-traditional, multi-use, flexible venue offering sanctuary to any artistic idea in search of an authentic truth.



Meta Fiziks offers the public an inside view of the artistic process as a way to educate the next generation on #WhatisArt.  Our programming includes business seminars alongside artistic events curated to promote non-traditional ideas.  Small business needs help more than ever from the artistic community to combat the momentum of corporate and governmental corruption. 

The Solution

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